Pablo Matisse – Rise/Wasting Light Single OUT NOW

“Rise” is a very short and powerful track. This one definitely works with the punk / hardcore influence of the band. The sound reminds of early 90’s garage rock, while there’s also a slight psychedelic touch on the song’s chorus. The track is pushing and works like a perfect wake-up call to start your day! It’s only 1:30 minutes long, so we get a “full single-length” with the following “Wasting Light”. This song sounds way more like alternative rock with a light pop-punk touch. The vocals even remind on Mastodon with the very earthy guitar sound in the background. Similar to “Rise”, “Wasting Light” also has a catchy chorus hook and is a short experience of only two minutes.

By the way:

Pablo Matisse is a project of Ian Person of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Per Stålberg of Division Of Laura Lee and Mikael Björklund & Samuel Järpvik of Affordable Hybrid. If you’re familiar with these bands you will recognize that Pablo Matisse, formed in 2016, is a promising Project! // Everything is noise (Go to their blog)


Göteborg bonanza

Detta händer!! Fredag natt på hemlig lokal i Göteborg.

MÅSTE ANMÄLA INNAN. ANMÄLAN/INFO så får du info om biljetter och vart det är.

Dörrar 22, banden 23, 24 och 01. Blir inte hetare än så här


DAGSYRA Göteborg 9 och 11 Aug

Skivbolagen Startracks, Birds Records och Youth Recordings bjuder upp. Fri Entre, Inget armband behövs.

HOLY MOLY Onsd 9:e med Dolce, Kristofer Åström, Paulina Palmgren och Marcus Admund Funck

OCEANEN Lörd 11:e Västerbron, Kristian Antilla, Mira Aasma, Riga Tiger, Monte Nour, Nord & Syd, Judith Stocks