Britta Persson

Hello, this is Britta, I’ve made an album: TOP QUALITY BONES AND A LITTLE TERRORIST.

Last year was a bit chaotic and I often found myself wishing I was older, but I wasn’t. I wrote some songs. When I was done, I took the train to Kristofer Åström’s place and we recorded for a week. We used the instruments we found and then rested for two months before placing Per Nordmark (percussion), Joanna Eriksson (violin) and a microphone in Peter Hermansson’s (piano, accordion) living room. I sat in the sofa while they made the record one of the best. Back in Stockholm we got help from Linus Larsson making the sound worth raising your eyebrows over, and when Mattias Friberg showed up at the studio we got some bass on the record. I think it sounds old fashioned and Nordic and also Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Low, Natasha Bedingfield, but lo fi. My favorite record right now is New Buffalo: the Last Beautiful Day. This top quality album will be released in Scandinavia by Bonnier Amigo in August 2006 and I’m looking forward to play live with Top Quality Band!




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