Startracks has been around for 20 years now. There is a lot of stories to be told. Great moments, big changes in the business, lots of fun and love.  I will get back to you later with some of those stories but in the meantime here’s a short version to begin with.

Startracks is me, Fredrik Holmgren. I’ve started back in the 80’s with fanzine and DIY mailorder selling punk rock. Since then I have released records under the label CBR (Chickenbrain Records), done mailorder, had record stores, booked bands, tours, imported labels, label manegement, merchandise, artist management you name it… Not really so keen on looking back but there are som truly great stories from back then worth telling. I will get back to those!

Startracks today:

Will be more focused on single releases rather then artist development. Update 2016, the World is not ready for that yet. Startracks works with a handful of artists and with strong artistdevelopment and in depth. I’m still into rock, indie, punk, hardcore, and whatever I might like can possibly be released on Startracks. Sweden along with Germany is our mainfocus. We ARE looking for new artists!

Svensk version:

Ett hipsterskägg gör inget bolag.

We’re succesfully distributed by:

Playground Music in the Nordics playgroundmusic.se

Indigo in G/S/A indigo.de

Export: 375 Media 375media.com

For synch and licensing please contact:  John Jackson Cloud, Sync, Licensing cloud@playgroundmusic.com Tel: +46 703 755090