Gustaf Kjellvander Presents the Electric Pavilion

by The Fine Arts Showcase



  1. The Hazel Ridge
  2. Current Frequencies
  3. Honest Mistake
  4. Turncoat
  5. Lakeside Drugs
  6. Teenage Poetry
  7. Divided We Stand
  8. Mock Ivory
  9. Galveston
  10. There’s a Hurricane


  • Cat. No: STAR 11886-2
  • Released: 2006

Liner Notes

Written & produced by Gustaf Kjellvander. Engineered & coproduced by Jocke Täck. Arranged by Gustaf Kjellvander & all musicians involved. Recorded at Min studio (Old Yetter) in Malmö, Sweden. Mastered by Henrik Jonsson at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.

Gustaf Kjellvander: Guitars, vocals, SK-5, sampler, theremin, bowed satellite dish, cymbals, vibraslap, stylofon & space echo.
Dan Englund: Piamino, pump organ, mellotron & accordian
Patrik Malmros: Drums & percussion
Jesper Gunge: Bass on all songs expect Mock Ivory
Magnus Tingsek: Pedal steel & harmony vocals
Sara Culler: Harmony vocals
Martin Karlsson: Bass on Mock Ivory
Allison Brice: Distorted flute
Richard Olson: Space harmonica
Mats Bengtsson: Ghaita & arghul
Jocke Täck: Cutting & pasting