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We also received some returns from one of the distributors so that we now have some more stock of the limited Tiger Lou – California Hauling 12″/CDEP

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Kristofer Åström German/Swiss Tourdates

31.03.2016 Flensburg Volksbad

01.04.2016 Bielefeld Kamp

02.04.2016 Berlin Auster Club

03.04.2016 Bremen Tower

04.04.2016 Düsseldorf FFT

05.04.2016 Heidelberg Karlstorbahnhof

07.04.2016 München Substanz

08.04.2016 CH-Winterthur Gaswerk

09.04.2016 CH-Luzern Schüür

10.04.2016 Dresden Beatpol

11.04.2016 Wiesbaden Schlachthof

12.04.2016 Münster Gleis 22

13.04.2016 Hamburg Nochtspeicher

Kristofer Åström – The Story of a Heart’s Decay LP/CD Oct 23

Worldwide release is Oct 23 EXCUDING G/S/A who will release the Album Feb 12, 2016

But the great people at Glitterhouse will be offering it via their mailorder at (pre order link) Oct 23rd

For you outside G/S/A buy from your local dealer and if you just have too it’s also available here at the Startracks Shop.

Kristofer Åström – Fine Line

Today his new single Fine Line is out (excl. G/S/A). First Single from the Album – The Story of a Heart’s Decay due Oct 23 (excl G/S/A who will release Feb 12 2016).

Fine Line: (Spotify but available elsewhere too)


Vasas Flora and Fauna – National Radio and TV links

Saturday 19th – SVT 1 kl 18.45 Go’ Kväll

Earlier that day in Umeå they recorded three songs for P3 Musikguiden. Broadcasted SR P3 kl about 18.30


Vasas Flora och Fauna Tour

17/9 Sagateatern, Umeå

18/9 Kulturens hus, Luleå

29/9 Södra teatern, Stockholm

30/9 Södra teatern, Stockholm

2/10 Folk, Göteborg

7/10 After Eight, Jakobstad

8/10 Dynamo, Åbo

9/10 Ritz, Vasa

10/10, Malmö Live, Malmö

14/11 Korjaamo, Helsingfors


Happy to announce a new band on Startracks – Rome is not a Town

Their debut 7″ – Stupid is out today on one track 7″ vinyl and on all digital plattforms.

one track? Yeah, that’s what they had, that’s what it takes. Göteborg finest brings back loud guitars to Startracks.