Fireside – Do Not Tailgate Vinyl LP

Their Grammis Award winning Album, Do Not Tailgate, never came out on vinyl on Startracks back then. coverStartracks/Bcore is now releasing the vinylremastered LP november 4th. 100x in red vinyl / 300 in Black. Pre-order open at


Kristofer Åström – All nine Albums now available on Vinyl

Rainaway Town is the final Vinyl LP to be released by Adore Music. Now are all nine Albums available (+the 10″ When her Eyes turn blue” too) from the Startracks shop.

  • 1998 – Go, Went, Gone
  • 2001 – Leaving Songsrainaway-town
  • 2001 – Northern Blues
  • 2004 – Loupita
  • 2005 – So Much for Staying Alive
  • 2007 – RainawayTown
  • 2009 – Sinkadus
  • 2009 – When Her Eyes Turn Blue 10”
  • 2011 – From Eagle to Sparrow
  • 2015 – The Story of a Heart’s Decay

Tiger Lou – The Wound Dresser limited in marble vinyl – SOLD OUT

I’ve sold out on my copies. The remaining stock is with my distributors (Border and Indigo). The little stock they have will first of all go to recordstores. If you pre-order from other mailorders, do doublecheck with ’em that they actually have stock. In Germany i’d order from JPC who does have stock. I have no control over where these are sold but I know that this is hot and will sell out the first day. I don’t want you to miss out!

Christian Kjellvander på turné

Christian Kjellvander åker på höstturné med fullt band i november (Per Nordmark – Trummor, Pelle Andersson – Keys, Rubén Engzell – Bas). Biljetter via respektive spelställe.

2016-11-12 Malmö, KB
2016-11-25 Sandviken, The Church
2016-11-26 Uppsala, Katalin
2016-11-27 Göteborg, Pustervik
2016-12-02 Stockholm Debaser Medis
2016-12-09 Örebro East West
2016-12-10 Linköping The Crypt