Göteborg String Session Vinyl LP+DVD

by Kristofer Åström



LP Vinyl

A1 – The Last Bonanza

A2 – Poor Young man’s heart

A3 – The Wild

A4 – Twentyseven

A5 – Fallen

A6 – What If I Can’t Love You Enough?


B1 – Queen of Sorrow

B2 – One Good Moment

B3 – Still Miss

B4 – All lovers Hell

B5 – One More Drink



DVD (90.21min)

She Came With A Friend Of Mine

How Can You Live With Yourself?       

8 Long Years                                                                                      

Can You Imagine?                                                        

Poor Young Man´s Heart                       

The Wild                                                                       

For You                                                                         



The Lost Bonanza                                                       

What If I Can’t Love You Enough?       

Queen Of Sorrow                                                         

One Good Moment                                                      

Hard To Live                                                                

Is It Really Over?                                                         

Still Miss                                                                       

Come Summer (Come Standing Outside Your Door)                                                                

All Lovers Hell

One More Drink



  • Cat. No: STAR 201170-1
  • Released: 2016
  • EAN: 7350000182248


Live Album 400 done. Vinyl LP+DVD

LP Kristofer Åström with musicians from Göteborg Symphonic Orchestra.
The DVD is the full Concert (90 min) with a second set with him solo.