Songs in the key of Resistance

by The Lost Patrol


  1. “Thoughts on Fire”
  2. “In the Key of Resistance”
  3. “Playing the Extra”
  4. “A Catchy Song”
  5. “Same Old New Excuse”
  6. “Every Capitalist Has a Terrorist in His Family”
  7. “Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone” (text: Lyxzén, Fugazi)
  8. “Stating the Obvious”
  9. “Anything But Trivial”
  10. “The World Did This” (Stefan Granberg)
  11. “If Voting Would Change Anything…”
  12. “America Fucked Me Up”
  13. “I Wouldn’t Lie If It Wasn’t True” (musik av Lyxzén och “Jonas”)
  14. “Sparta-Warzaw”


  • Cat. No: STAR 7842
  • Released: 1999
  • EAN: 8714099578426