Tiger Lou – Vinyls now in the stores again

Is My Head Still On?* , The Loyal*, A Partial Print* are now back in stores. Gatefold sleeve and 140g black vinyl

The Wound Dresser* , Trouble and Desire & B-sides , California Hauling* 12″ and the Every Battle Alike 7″ still available. *also CD

Kristofer Åström – Hard Times – Oct 23

Hard Times Album artworkKristofer Åström new Album in stores Oct 23. Do Especially look out for the Limited Edition with bonus disc. 150 for stores in Europe and 100 fpr Scandinavia and only 250 in our shop. This extra 12″ is NOT going to be repressed. 4 tracks exclusively here but later released as digital singles. A really good extra treat!

The Wannadies – Before and After

Their 2002 Album is now licensed to Startracks and will be re-issued with 2 bonus tracks Sep 18.

Digitalrelease with Can’t Kill the Musikk (unreleased, new song) and My Home Town (Live Popstad Skellefteå)

Vinyl standard black vinyl.

Limited Edition 500copies black/white “propeller” Vinyl with bonus 7″ with the bonus songs.

Startracks and our webshop

is open. I ship on a regular basis and there is some restrictions to some countries that can be hard to suply at the moment but the major territories are all fine and open for delivery. EU, GB, US, Norway for example are all good.