Fireside – Bin Juice – New studio Album – Oct 28

Eight NEW studio tracks, their first since 2003.
A digital single, Jungle Knuckle is released online today. The Album will not (maybe in the future but not for now) released online.  Startracks have the exclusive license on the vinyledition only. Download codes are not included with this release.

There will be 300 copies in purple vinyl. Exclusively sold at Startracks.
and then there is the standard black vinyl who will be available in stores. Preorder open at

A1. Lex Tokyo  4.47
A2. Blind And Fireside_bin_JuiceShades  3.34
A3. The Burlyman   3.38
A4. Jungle Knuckle  3.23 Spotify Apple YouTube Deezer Tidal 

B1. Easy Andy  3.34
B2. Two Times With A Waterfall  3.40
B3. Cocillana  5.39
B4. With Mouth More Trouble   5.17

Refused – Pump the brakes 12″ w/etched b-side. Released Oct 7

Startracks first and Refused real studiorecording debut on vinyl for the first time. The 4 tracks (two non album tracks) was originally released as Cd-single (cardboard) and later also as CD maxi to please the department stores who demanded that format back then but never on vinyl. Until now! Released Jan 1994. What a great start for the label startracks.

Comes with a etched b-side. The artwork from the Cd-label. Limited edition 1000 copies worldwide.



Fireside – Hello Kids LP

11 non album exclusive tracks from Ep’s and singles. First time on vinyl. Black in stores now. Ltd Edition Gold Vinyl at

Månskensbonden – Ny artist, nytt Album

Kyro älv, Österbottens Mississippi, rinner från Seinäjoki ut i Östersjön genom den lilla byn Kvevlax, strax
norr om Vasa. Det var där – i gränslandet mellan landsbygd och stad, finskt och svenskt och religiöst och
sekulärt – som Månskensbonden växte upp bland mopeder, bönehus och indiemusik.

Med sånger uppgrävda ur myllan sjunger Markus Bergfors under namnet Månskensbonden om dessa
slitningar, om att försöka balansera på två tektoniska plattor samtidigt som världen skakar och förändras.
Det är sånger om svavelosande predikningar, om frigörelse genom musik, om människor som trillar
omkull eftersom de fötts in i sprickorna, om medelklasslivets dåliga samvete, om människans ensamhet,
om att försöka övervinna ensamheten genom kärlek och gemenskap. Sånger om att ta i från tårna bara
för att höras.

Den 2a juni släpps ”Björkan”, en singel producerad av Henrik Oja (Säkert!, Honungsvägen) och ett första
smakprov från Månskensbonden andra fullängdsalbum ”Nånstans längs en bortglömd breddgrad” som
släpps i september 30 via Startracks.

DULL – New artist at Startracks

DULL is now officially on the menu releasing their debut singles ”This is going south” and ”Dive deep down”. The songs are bringing some serious 00’s alt rock vibes packed in a vinyl freak’s ”best of indie punk” collection. To spice things up DULL is a  band with two lead vocalists. Refreshingly new yet old. A good match for anyone listening.

Based in Stockholm, the members of the band are no strangers in the Swedish rock and punk community. Halling from bands such as Dead Vibrations, Twin Pigs, Tiger Bell, Mary’s Kids and Boris and The Jeltsins the DULL live show won’t be dull at all.


Canan Rosén Gtr/Voc

Max Lindén Bass

Louise Erdman Gtr/Voc

Elias Jonsson Drums

The Wannadies – Västerbotten 2LP/CD/Ltd 2LP+12″

21 tracks, 71.30 minutes of bliss. 21 non-album exclusive b-sides, bonus tracks now for the first time on one compilation. “b-sides” in the 90’s was not taken lighlty, this is some really good stuff.
No download/stream release. Most of the tracks are not availble online today. Gatefold sleeve. Printed innersleeves. Black vinyl. Artwork by Lars Sundh. Release June 17

Limited Edition 500 copies worldwide, one pressing only. Will not be sold seperately. Comes in a black discobag. Not printed. Inserted in the gatefold, shrinkwrapped

The 2LP/CD as YouTube playlist

Pathetico 2.17
Crucify Me 5.04
Are You Exclusive 2.50
Lift Me up (Don’t Let Me Down) 2.46
I Like You A Lalalala Lot 2.12
Taking the Easy Way Out 4.39
Why 2.51
(Yeah Yeah Yeah) In Your Face 2.59
Trick Me 2.55
Everybody Loves Me 2.40
Let Go Oh Oh 2.46
As If You Care 2.31
Love and Hate 4.17
Can’t Get Enough of That 5.08
Princess Spoon 4.17
Birds 2.00
Love Is Dead 2.37
After All 4.12
That’s All (Version) 3.24
Shorty (Version) 4.54
You and Me Song (Version) 4.06
BONUS 12″ Vinyl
Lee Remick 2.55
Blister In the Sun 2.31
I Got A Right 1.59
Short People 2.57

Fireside – Hello Kids Vinyl Edition June 3

1. Beautiful Island, Ugly Natives
2. Silver Muscle Car
3. Big Blue Elephant
4. Street Love
5. A Week At The Most

6. Fox
7. Beautiful Tan
8. Headacher
9. What Cures The Polio
10. Love Is All We Got
11. Ambulance

This is the first 11 tracks of the 2CD, 30 track online Album now released on vinyl for the first time.
The idea with the 2CD was to offer the very most, 107 minutes long 20 page booklet. Liner notes by the band, lots of photos. The 2CD is now sold out, and to make the full Album on vinyl it would have taken 3LP’s. So we focused on the Startracks B-sides and also left out the covers.

B-sides in the 90’s was nothing to take lightly. As singles and EP still sold well and successfully extended the Album touring with a year or two. Often recorded inbetween tours when the band was tight and on fire. B-sides of the 90’s really have that extra spark. Comes with innersleeve with most of the photos from the original CD and the original linernotes.

“Beautiful Island, Ugly Natives” was prev unreleased -98
“Silver Muscle Car” b-side on the Let Rasputin Do It” Single -97
“Big Blue Elephant”, “Street Love”, “A Week At The Most” 3 exclusive b-sides for the Sweatbead EP -97
“Fox” unreleased version. Recorded -95 mixed -98
“Beautiful Tan”, “Headacher”, “What Cures The Polio” exclusive b-sides from “Left Rustle” EP -95
“Love Is All We Got”, “Ambulance” released as 7″ on Chapel Hill -95

Black 140g vinyl

Limited Edition, colored vinyl – Gold, 300, Startracks webshop exclusive