Kristofer Åström – All Lovers Hell 1.000.000 streams on Spotify

I big deal to us. 1.000.000 on a track from 2001 (From the Northern Blues Album)!!


So my song All Lovers Hell just passed one million streams on Spotify! That’s 1.000 000!
I have never had a million of anything, ever, so this is a really big deal for me.

I remember when i wrote All Lovers Hell, I instantly knew It had something. Something that could grab hold of the listener and share the feeling of ”this has happened to me too”. It’s straight forward but still has just enough mystery to it not to get too obvious.
I like songs that you can put your own persona into.
I usually say when people ask me what it’s about, that it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you, as a listener, think it’s about. What’s it about for you?

It has now been listened to over a million times. Thank you! I appreciate it.


All Lovers Hell on Spotify:

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