Pablo Matisse – Rise/Wasting Light Single OUT NOW

“Rise” is a very short and powerful track. This one definitely works with the punk / hardcore influence of the band. The sound reminds of early 90’s garage rock, while there’s also a slight psychedelic touch on the song’s chorus. The track is pushing and works like a perfect wake-up call to start your day! It’s only 1:30 minutes long, so we get a “full single-length” with the following “Wasting Light”. This song sounds way more like alternative rock with a light pop-punk touch. The vocals even remind on Mastodon with the very earthy guitar sound in the background. Similar to “Rise”, “Wasting Light” also has a catchy chorus hook and is a short experience of only two minutes.

By the way:

Pablo Matisse is a project of Ian Person of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Per Stålberg of Division Of Laura Lee and Mikael Björklund & Samuel Järpvik of Affordable Hybrid. If you’re familiar with these bands you will recognize that Pablo Matisse, formed in 2016, is a promising Project! // Everything is noise (Go to their blog)


Göteborg bonanza

Detta händer!! Fredag natt på hemlig lokal i Göteborg.

MÅSTE ANMÄLA INNAN. ANMÄLAN/INFO så får du info om biljetter och vart det är.

Dörrar 22, banden 23, 24 och 01. Blir inte hetare än så här


DAGSYRA Göteborg 9 och 11 Aug

Skivbolagen Startracks, Birds Records och Youth Recordings bjuder upp. Fri Entre, Inget armband behövs.

HOLY MOLY Onsd 9:e med Dolce, Kristofer Åström, Paulina Palmgren och Marcus Admund Funck

OCEANEN Lörd 11:e Västerbron, Kristian Antilla, Mira Aasma, Riga Tiger, Monte Nour, Nord & Syd, Judith Stocks

Kristofer Åström – Quadrilogy 2LP

Now with the final artwork. 18 non Album tracks from his four EP’s (There For, Black Valley, Dead End and Hold On Lioness). Yet another Amazing vinylrelease!

Hold On Lioness
Northern Lights
An Empty Glass
One Good Moment
You Are My Sunshine
If Ou Really Wanna Know
One More Drink
You Won’t Last Long
Never Gonna Get To You
Ode To….
Still Miss
Is It Really Over?
So much for staying alive
Black Valley Theme
Finally Home
The Blackest Pond