Bedroom Eyes – Store blå (Official Video)

BEDROOM EYES – »STORE BLÅ« VHS MUSIC VIDEO ➠ STARRING Kim, Fredrik, Sara, Jöns-Ove, Jonas, Sven Erik, Susan, Emil, Markus, Anders. ➠ SHOT in Föllinge, Sickla udde and Telefonplan. ➠ Made by Jonas. ➠ VHS tapes that were recorded over: ”What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” and “The Young Ones”.

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Fägring – Samma blod

Anton (ex-Two Year Vacation sångaren) ny artist på startracks, nytt band, nytt sound…på egna ben i nåt som får oss att skrika rakt SÅ JÄVLA INDIE! Första singeln, Samma blod, ute idag, En 5-spårs EP, Rockpsalm, kommer den 7 April


Jakob Algesten – Musiken till Olof Wretling filmen – Misslyckanderna i mitt liv

SVT 1 kl 20.00 Dec 29 sänds filmatiseringen (löst) av teaterföreställningen, Diagnoserna i mitt liv. En föreställning av och med Olof Wretling med all musik av och framförd på scen av Jakob Algesten, Albumet “Pilgrim”.

Till den filmade versionen har Jakob Algesten skrivit all musik. De vokala låtarna finns nu utgivna på Startracks som en EP, Alla dina drömmar sover.

25 years of songs to fan the flames of discontent 2LP

Limited to 1000 copies. 2LP Including bonus LP w/ outtakes and demos unreleased versions of “Hook, Line and Sinker” and “This Trust Will Kill Again” (with Dave Exit on vocals) and: “Da Message” a previously unreleased song. Vinyl only, the demos will not be not available for digital release.
Comes in gatefoldsleeve with photos, posters, flyers printed on the foldup. Innersleeve on the bonus LP have long and detailed linernotes about the bonus songs by Dennis and David.
The tapes have been carefully restored and then mastered and sounds great. What they lack in soundquality they easily gain in energy. A unique insight in what would lead up to the classic 1996 Album, Songs To Fan the Flames of Discontent.

US: Their will be a domestic release by Epitaph summer 2022. Hold on, postage sucks.

Rather Be Dead
Beauty Coup d’état
It’s Not O.K…
Crusader of Hopelessness
Life Support Addiction
The Slayer
Da Message
Hook, Line and Sinker
This Trust Will Kill Again For You
Circle Pit
Return to Frankenstein



Lisa Wanloo – Shadows – Debut Album – Out now!

The rising indie star Lisa Wanloo has since her debut in 2017 traversed through both insight and clarity. Fearlessly she explores her most inner feelings and thoughts through her music leaving few listeners unmoved. She paints a big, dark scenery paired with something brittle and frail that pokes at your insides in a beautiful way. Influenced by americana, singer songwriter with a far more darkness to it and her ever lifelong love for grungemusic to show shine through but without a sound set in stone she writes from her heart, and it shows.

Lisa Wanloo from Hönö (in Göteborgs archipelago) started with music late. Her first three track single is the first three songs she wrote. Then in a more traditional singer/songwriter form. After searching deeper for her own unique sound she is now ready to deliver her debut Album, Shadows.

Vinyl release May 13, pre-order is now made possible at shop.startracks.seWanloo_Shadows_Artwork