Vasas flora och fauna – Möte med skogsgardisterna Album (April 17)


Vi borde ha stannat på Brändö
Ett juni-tåg
Livet genom ett fönster
Du skulle inte förebrå mig
Årsdag i Köpenhamn
Titta på skator
Jenny W
Det som skulle ha hänt i fjol

Första singeln, Kajanaland är ute nu på alla digitala plattformar.

Vinyl kommer i ltd edition 250x i vit vinyl exklusivt på men även svart vinyl och CD



Wendy McNeill – Video for The Binding of Fenrir

Fenrir was a giant wolf from Norse mythology that helped to bring about massive destruction by  killing the great God Odin and swallowing the sun. (look up Ragnarök) But I wonder if maybe, like many of the monsters around us, Fenrir wasn’t born evil but became that way because of how he was treated. I’m not foolish enough to believe that there is no such thing as evil-but mayyyybe we should be a little bit more more careful with our judgments- and each other. After all there is a bit of big bad wolf in all of us.
This song is part of a longer story that is woven through my latest album, ‘Hunger Made You Brave’.
This video is shot from Fenrir’s point of view in the lovely Cafe de las Horas in Valencia, Spain.

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Pablo Matisse – Human Warmth 7″EP

Five all new bangers with Pablo Matisse will be released online and as Vinyl 7″ Nov 15. Strict 300 copies, numbered and in three different colors on the sleeve. 1-99 in blue, 100-199 in green and 200-299 in orange. pre orders are taken at

A single is released online Okt 24, I Will Follow You Into the Dark