Tiger Lou – Homecoming #2 (Official video)

Moonbabies Chorus/Raindrops

The single released back in september is getting great Reviews all over.  See for yourself on their updated website. http://www.moonbabiesmusic.com next week we start service US radio….So it ain’t over yet



TWENTY years!! Time flies..I took some time of from Startracks and and also made a long trip to heaven (New Zealand that is) to reboot and sort thoughts and ideas out. The new ways of getting music out there are challenging and new to me, it’s like really starting all over again and I love it!

I’m looking for more Artists/Bands to release. Preferably singles/Ep’s/one off Projects/Unreleased but there will be some Albums as well. Just send me music and ideas.



When he called me about recording new material I didn’t have to think long. Just re-start Startracks and do it, I must do.

Yes there will be more in 2015. No one knows when so in the meantime just play Homecoming #2 on repeat.

Tiger Lou – Homecoming (Spotify link)