Kristofer Åström – Pipe Dream EP

Pipe Dream EPFour NEW songs never released before out now. It’s four tracks that didn’t make it on the Album as it would be too long and maybe a bit to soft. So here they are to promote his German tour that he is on as we speak.

1. Pipe Dream
2. Stupidity
3. Solid Ground
4. Stay Down


ARAKI Artistfoto

Araki a.k.a. Rasmus Kellerman solo Album from 2002 now available online

“It seems like an eternity has passed since I wrote and recorded these songs. I was 22 and had just moved back to Sweden after having spent a few years in London, trying to figure out what I wanted out of life. It was the first time – since I started playing music back in ’92 – I wasn’t apart of a band. It was just me, together with Rolf Klinth, making due in the studio, playing all the instruments ourselves. I never intended for this recording to turn into a “real” album. I view the songs as demos, and my intention was to send them around, hoping to score a deal somewhere. One copy ended up at my friend Emil from Black Star Foundation, and soon after he asked if he could put out an album release together with German label Scene Police. Without hesitation I accepted the offer and Ikara came to life.

From time to time I still make music under the Araki moniker, and there will be another album in the future. Rest assure.”

Adam Nilsson New signing to Startracks!!

Happy to announce that we have signed Adam Nilsson. Who have a background in Tysta Mari and Passagerarnas Rockorkester and currently active with Adam Nilsson & Insatsstyrkan (and as member of Stilett). One of swedens finest rockvoices (so far all in Swedish) are working on new material for fall release. In the meantime Startracks will re-issue some of the catalogue titles with Adam Nilsson & Insatsstyrkan and Passagerarnas Rockorkester. Watch this space for more details.

Shop is now open again for orders.

We also received some returns from one of the distributors so that we now have some more stock of the limited Tiger Lou – California Hauling 12″/CDEP

Vi tar nu Swish också. Konto 1233 033 420 (Startracks AB)


Kristofer Åström German/Swiss Tourdates

31.03.2016 Flensburg Volksbad

01.04.2016 Bielefeld Kamp

02.04.2016 Berlin Auster Club

03.04.2016 Bremen Tower

04.04.2016 Düsseldorf FFT

05.04.2016 Heidelberg Karlstorbahnhof

07.04.2016 München Substanz

08.04.2016 CH-Winterthur Gaswerk

09.04.2016 CH-Luzern Schüür

10.04.2016 Dresden Beatpol

11.04.2016 Wiesbaden Schlachthof

12.04.2016 Münster Gleis 22

13.04.2016 Hamburg Nochtspeicher