Christian Kjellvander Vinyls

christian kjellvander faya vinyl LPChristian Kjellvander release Three vinyls on Feb 24th. Pre-orders taken now.

Faya (2005 Startracks) First time ever on vinyl. Black vinyl.

Available in all good stores/mailorders.



I Saw Her From Here/From Here I Saw Her (2007 Startracks). First time ever on vinyl. Black vinyl. Christian Kjellvander I Saw Her from Here/ from her I saw her Vinyl LP

Available in all good stores/mailorders.




Asbestos Ricochet – (2017 Tapete Records) Live at Debaser Medis-Stockholm 2016-12-02.

Limited Edition 500 copies. Black vinyl (incl CD). Only available on tour and the following Three mailorders, exclusively! Tapete Records, Glitterhouse and here at Startracks


Kristofer Åström – All Lovers Hell 1.000.000 streams on Spotify

I big deal to us. 1.000.000 on a track from 2001 (From the Northern Blues Album)!!


So my song All Lovers Hell just passed one million streams on Spotify! That’s 1.000 000!
I have never had a million of anything, ever, so this is a really big deal for me.

I remember when i wrote All Lovers Hell, I instantly knew It had something. Something that could grab hold of the listener and share the feeling of ”this has happened to me too”. It’s straight forward but still has just enough mystery to it not to get too obvious.
I like songs that you can put your own persona into.
I usually say when people ask me what it’s about, that it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you, as a listener, think it’s about. What’s it about for you?

It has now been listened to over a million times. Thank you! I appreciate it.


All Lovers Hell on Spotify:

Christian Kjellvander tourdates spring 2017

03 feb – Lund, Mejeriet
04 feb – Kalmar, söderport, Popidyll
21 april – Varberg, Varbergs Teatern

22.02.17 Hamburg – Hafenklang

23.02.17 Berlin – Privatclub

24.02.17 Bielefeld – Falkendom

25.02.17 Aachen – Raststätte

26.02.17 Münster – Fachwerk

01.03.17 CH-Zürich – Bogen F

02.03.17 CH-St.Gallen – Grabenhalle

03.03.17 AT-Vöcklabruck – OKH

04.03.17 Schorndorf – Manufaktur

05.03.17 München – Milla

06.03.16 Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal

07.03.16 Fürth – Kofferfabrik

08.03.17 Mainz – Schon Schön

09.03.17 Düsseldorf – Kassette

10.03.17 Bremen – KITO

11.03.17 Dresden – Beatpol



Tourdates Spring 2017

Tiger Lou
09 mars – Söderhamn, Söderhamns Teater
10 mars – Sundsvall, Pipeline
11 mars – Luleå, Kulturens Hus
13 april Hamburg (D), Knust
06 maj – Örebro, Konserthuset, Klubb Mono
27 jan – Umeå, Klubb Heaven
13 feb – Stockholm, Rival (w/Olof Wretling)
14 feb – Stockholm, Rival (w/Olof Wretling)
15 feb – Stockholm, Rival (w/Olof Wretling)
17 feb – Stockholm, Södra Teatern (w/Jennie Abrahamsson)7
18 feb – Stockholm, Dieselverkstaden
07 april – Östersund, Gamla Teatern (w/Säkert!)
11 april – Göteborg, Göteborgs Konserthus (w/Säkert!)
12 april – Malmö, Slagthusets Teater (w/Säkert!)
21 april – Luleå, Kulturens Hus (w/Säkert!)
24 april – Stockholm, Dramaten (w/Säkert!)
25 april – Stockholm, Dramaten (w/Säkert!)
Rome is not a town
02 feb – Göteborg, Pustervik (Göteborg Filmfestival fest)
03 feb – Norrköping, Where’s The Music
01 april – Umeå, Umeå Open

Algesten – Algesten LP/CD/DIGITALT

Debut solo Album by Jakob Nyström (former singer of Isolation Years). Music is both stripped down and solo but also tracks with some of Umeå finest musicians.

Fans of The War On Drugs, Wilco, Go-Betweens should likely to be fans of Algesten
algesten album coverA1 – Never Leaving
A2 – Holding On
A3 – Lord I Know It’s Childish
A4 – I Flew
A5 – Troubles
B1 – Stranded
B2 – Only Child
B3 – Lazyblade
B4 – Rushing Water
B5 – Open Wound

Rome is not a Town – Careful like you cared 12″EP

rinat-careful-like-you-cared-artwork-2400x2400Four new tracks on A-side and the digital only single, Blood and Secrets, on the b-side the follow up their first and so far only release, the 7” STUPID released 2015 (with artwork by Coco Moore, daughter of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon). Have since then played support for Thurston Moore and Tiger Lou. On tour with Tiger Lou this fall before start recording a Album, due 2017

A-1 Careful Like You Cared 3.43
A-2 Satisfaction 3.02
A-3 Never Like That 3.25
A-4 Touch The Fire 4.17
B-1 Blood and Secrets 6.53