Refused – Vinyl re-issues

This is huge to me. These Albums are the very start of Startracks and a very important part of my life as well as Startracks. Refused debut Album “This just might be…the thruth” was the very first Album on Startracks and the reason for me to shut down previous label CBR and start up Startracks (Startrec in the begining) and this out of my apartment at the time, located just 50m from my office of today….23 years later!

The coloured vinyls are limited to 500x copies. Will be available thru here and pledge (Campaign launched next week).

This Just Might Be…The Thruth (STAR 372) 1994

500x – Orange Vinyl / Black Vinyl

Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent (STAR 438) 1996

500x – Light Blue (Opaque) Vinyl / Black Vinyl



Rome Is Not A Town – I’m In A Brand (Official Video)

– Director and editor: Lasse Långström
– Photo and editor: Leo Palmestål
– Lighting Technician: Isabelle Oldenqvist
– Makeup Artist: Lisette Alfredsson
– Assistant Director: Åse Brändström
– Written by: Kajsa Poidnak & Emma Wättring
– Choreography: Ruth Nordlund
– Special thanks to: Evelina, Sandra, Linda, Dunne, Sara, Olle, Deniz, Erik, Julia, Siri V, Siri P, Alice, Dadda, Li,Charlotta, Skjul 46 and Kulturungdom


Den 17:e oktober kommer ett nytt Algesten-album. Det heter Pilgrim och består av tio sånger på svenska som jag spelat in under året och som jag också framför i Olof Wretlings och min föreställning ’Diagnoserna i mitt liv’ i höst. Jag ska berätta mer om Pilgrim och turnén senare. Aska & Ånga är ett första smakprov och den finns ute på Spotify idag! 


Tourdates for the fall…more to come!

FIRESIDE 10 aug – Göteborg, Way Out West 16 aug – Stockholm, Trädgården/Under Bron 18 aug – Trondheim (N) – Pstereo Festival

VASAS FLORA OCH FAUNA 19 aug – Stockholm, Skeppsholmen (med Jens Lekman) 25 aug – Sibbo (Fi) Helt dåbrot, Nicky 28 sep – Göteborg. Galagofesten, Pustervik

ALGESTEN 12 aug – Göteborg, Oceanens Krog  (Startracks/Birds WoW dagfest) 17 okt– Karlstad, Scalateatern (w/Olof Wretling) 20 okt – Göteborg, Stora Teatern (w/Olof Wretling) 27 okt – Skövde, Skövde Stadsteater (w/Olof Wretling) 28 okt – Umeå, Aula Nordica (w/Olof Wretling) 2 nov – Östersund, OSD (w/Olof Wretling) 3 nov – Luleå, Kulturens Hus (w/Olof Wretling) 10 nov – Piteå, Studio Acusticum (w/Olof Wretling) 11 nov – Skellefteå, Nordanåteatern (dubbla föreställningar) (w/Olof Wretling) 17 nov – Jönköping, Kulturhuset SPIRA (w/Olof Wretling) 18 nov – Linköping, Konsert & Kongress (w/Olof Wretling) 23 nov – Härnösand, Härnösands Teater (w/Olof Wretling) 24 nov – Sundsvall, Tonhallen(w/Olof Wretling) 25 nov – Gävle, Teatern (w/Olof Wretling) 1 dec– Stockholm, Södra Teatern (w/Olof Wretling) 2 dec – Stockholm, Södra Teatern (w/Olof Wretling)

KRISTOFER ÅSTRÖM 10 aug – Göteborg, Holy Moly (Startracks/Birds WoW dagfest)
2 dec – Berlin (D), Quasimodo (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 3 dec – Bremen (D), Tower (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 4 dec – Münster (D), LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 5 dec – Köln (D), Gebäude 9 (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 7 dec – München (D), Substanz (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 8 dec – Stans (CH), Chäslager (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 9 dec – Stuttgart (D), Kellerclub (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 10 dec – Zürich (CH), El Lokal (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 12 dec – Karlsruhe (D), Jubez (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 13 dec – Neunkirchen (D), Stummsche Reithalle (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 14 dec – Weisbaden (D), Schlachthof (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 15 dec – Tangermünde (D), Salzkirche (w/Rasmus Kellerman) 16 dec – Hamburg (D), Knust (w/Rasmus Kellerman)

LOVE ANTELL 9 aug – Borgholm, Kackelstugan, SOLO 10 aug – Göteborg, Holy Moly SOLO  (Startracks/Birds WoW dagfest) 12 aug – Göteborg, Way Out West Talks Brandtal kl 18.00 9 sep – Stockholm, Skansen Änglamarksgalan 10 nov – Malmö, Malmö Konserthus med Christer Björkman, Sarah Dawn Finer, Maia Hirasawa, Lill Lindfors, Malmö symfoniorkester

TIGER LOU  16 sep – Göteborg, Liseberg

RASMUS KELLERMAN (Tiger Lou) 2 dec – Berlin (D), Quasimodo (w/Kristofer Åström) 3 dec – Bremen (D), Tower (w/Kristofer Åström) 4 dec – Münster (D), LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur (w/Kristofer Åström) 5 dec – Köln (D), Gebäude 9 (w/Kristofer Åström) 7 dec – München (D), Substanz (w/Kristofer Åström) 8 dec – Stans (CH), Chäslager (w/Kristofer Åström) 9 dec – Stuttgart (D), Kellerclub (w/Kristofer Åström) 10 dec – Zürich (CH), El Lokal (w/Kristofer Åström) 12 dec – Karlsruhe (D), Jubez (w/Kristofer Åström) 13 dec – Neunkirchen (D), Stummsche Reithalle (w/Kristofer Åström) 14 dec – Weisbaden (D), Schlachthof (w/Kristofer Åström) 15 dec – Tangermünde (D), Salzkirche (w/Kristofer Åström) 16 dec – Hamburg (D), Knust (w/Kristofer Åström)

CHRISTIAN KJELLVANDER 5 aug – Falkenberg, Ståhlboms (med band) + Loney Dear 6 aug – Orust, Slussens Pensionat (med band) 9 aug – Stockholm, Blidösundsbåten (trio) 15 aug – Ystad, Rynge Teater (duo) 25 aug – Ängelholm Sikrots (solo) 2 sep – Stockholm, Mosebacke-Sthlm Americana (band) 9 nov – Witten (D), Roxi 10 nov – Hamburg (D), Knust (15 Jahre Tapete Records)

DOLCE 19 aug – Luleå, Musikens Makt

Bedroom Eyes – Released in G/S/A Today!

BEDROOM EYES – Greetings From Northern Sweden (STAR 224193)


LICENSED: JAPAN bedroom eyes_greetings from northern sweden

PRESS: Birds Will Sing For You |

PRESS GERMANY:  Grant Box – Snowhite PR

With his debut album, released back in 2010, getting raving press from the likes of Rolling Stone(“a strong songwriter”),Vice (“beautiful artist”), Der Spiegel(“marvelous songs blessed with harmony”) and Swedish national radio P3 (“next big thing in Swedish pop”) there’s a lot of anticipation leading up the new release. Bedroom Eyes sophomore album ’Greeting From Northern Sweden’ is wonderful,speedy and intriguing indie pop at it’s finest. There’s muddy guitars, delicate strings and Classic indie melodies combined with the sound nordic mountains and winds thatgives the album a special Swedish touch.

Rome Is Not A Town – It’s A Dare Album (Sep 29)


BOOKING: Emma Elstner – Black Bird Artists

PRESS: Birds Will Sing For You |

PRESS GERMANY: Matthias Kümpflein – Tapete

”It’s sorta post-Riot grrrl, post-No Wave, experimental music and completely engaging from beginning to end.”Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) i NME

Rome Is Not A Town, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, released their debut single “Stupid”, on one-sided 7” vinyl, in 2015. More singles and the EP “Careful Like You Cared” followed and their noisy indie rock soon when right into the hearts of everyone with a taste for raw guitars and furiously pounding songs. “It’s A Dare”, out on Startracks September 29th 2017, is the band’s debut album. It was produced by the band in co-op with Pelle Gunnerfeldt, Per Stålberg and Olle Björk.

  1. Picking Garbage
  2. Say Yeah
  3. I’m In A Brand
  4. Common Sense
  5. Behave and Die
  6. Ashes
  7. Can You Feel Rush
  8. 21/27
  9. Sorry
  10.  You Can Be Whatever You Set Your Mind To

300 copies limited edition in yellow vinyl. Only available on tour (if last…) and Startracks mailorder